To you, its no secret I love birds! In the fall of 2015, I began to become seriously interested in birding. It all started with an Osprey pair nesting at my work. Or maybe it was earlier than that…I loved all animals as a kid and always wanted to be a wildlife rehabilitator until I realised how emotionally draining it can be.

I liked watching the birds in my yard and in the woods as a kid, but I never got too serious about it. When I moved to New Zealand and saw many unique species of birds, a seed was planted and slowly began to grow until I started actively teaching myself during the winter of 2015 in Canada.

Now I am a passionate birder, though you won’t find me out counting and listing. I prefer an intimate encounter with birds; watching, observing and enjoying them without ticking them off on a checklist.

You can read about my birding experiences and observations from the start or anywhere in between. I enjoy writing about backyard birding and birding adventures while traveling. I have a list of all the birds I have seen in my very own backyard, which is quite exciting!

What is my favourite bird? Well, I could never possibly pick just one, though any type of swallow would top the list, followed by Anna’s Hummingbird, any yellow warbler, Northern Flicker, Red-breasted Nuthatch, Osprey and any kind of duck!

Choosing my favourite bird guide, on the other hand, is easy. It’s Sibley. After using field guides by Peterson, Golden, the National Geographic and Sibley, the latter is definitely my favourite. I find it the easiest to use, it has the level of detail in variations I’d like and lots of helpful tips.

What birds are on my wish-list? Sandhill Crane (seen Nov 2018, Delta, BC), Western Bluebirds (seen Jan 2019, Corvallis, OR), Western Meadowlark (seen Nov 2018 Duncan, BC) and any kind of pelican (saw American White Pelican, Sep 2018, Denver, CO) or puffin.

Birds of New Zealand
Keas, kiwi and curious birds of New Zealand
Fantails and flightless birds of New Zealand
Birds at a Canterbury estuary, New Zealand
Riverside birds in Canterbury, New Zealand

Birds of the Canadian Rockies & Interior
Birding highlights of the Canadian Rockies Part 1: the mountains and valleys
Birding highlights of the Canadian Rockies Part 2: Vancouver to the Columbia River Valley
Birding highlights of the Rockies Part 3: Jasper to the Fraser Valley

Osprey Watch in Victoria, BC
The osprey are back! Apr 2016
Summertime nest observation: Osprey, Bald Eagles and Great Blue Heron Jul 2016
Goodbye, osprey! until next year… Sep 2016
Osprey watch is on again Apr 2018
Happy birthday, osprey! July 2018

Guide to Birding in Victoria, BC
Uplands Park and Cattle Point
Rithet’s Bog
Swan Lake
Esquimalt Lagoon
Panama Flats
Somenos Marsh
Cowichan Bay & estuary